On December 20th 2014 at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, True Mother inaugurated Cranes Club with hundreds of professionals of Unificationist background from around the world. Her intention of founding this organization was to basically answer some heartfelt questions: Where are all the 2nd gen that grew up in this movement? Are they doing alright? How are their families? Are they realizing the potential they have to bring peace to us all?

We all went home wondering what would actually come about as a result of this gathering. Then a few months later a few of us met online and came up with this mission statement to hopefully match the founder's intention:

To create a space for professionals of Unificationist background to network and share their expertise to better serve their communities and the greater society

And this vision statement:

Every Unificationist professional is excited, proud and engaged in giving back to the community

A few months later, True Mother gave a talk at the Cranes Club Kick-off in Europe and shared these heartfelt words:

I want you to help me. Please, develop your talents and expertise. Protect your purity. Grow up healthy and beautiful. Become the beautiful fruit of our Unification culture.

We took these words and imagined the day where we could tell Mother and our parents to relax and enjoy the last days of their lives knowing that the world is going to be okay. That we've inherited all there is to inherit and we will use our immeasurable resources to make the dream real, but do it our way. 

Chapters in Europe, Japan, and Korea went ahead and did things their way as was the guidance from international HQ. Do what works for you, we were told. And so we went.

We experimented with different things, but it all boils down to just meeting up. We did some serious basketball, house BBQs, a fancy lunch cruise, hiking, and some strategic planning over coffee. We talked about distant memories of the crazy times we shared growing up in this movement, how parenting is going, politics, hobbies, you name it. Some of us hadn't seen each other in five, ten, twenty years. Some of us met for the first time, but there was never a time without a solid dose of laughter and a bit of tears...

We determined that the success of Cranes Club was going to be how well we made these meetups possible where it wouldn't have happened otherwise. It's easier said than done, but we're getting better at it. This serves as a reminder that whatever the project, big or small, it's all just a reason to bring us closer together...while we still can...

Our hope is that Cranes Club can be a force to make that fun and exciting community that we've always dreamed of. If that's something you're into, drop us a line and let's see what's possible!