Seung Kook Burns - REI TALK

Learn how Sunny and his Wife - a family of four on one income - were able to house-hack their way from $0 to $1 million in real estate in less than 2-years, and how just those two houses (Quadplex in Garfield & Triplex in North Arlington), bring in $100k/year in gross rents. Sunny breaks it down in this highly rated talk from Driven 2018 in NYC.



A UPS front-line supervisor with a net worth of over $300k, Paul is no peon. He's living proof of his firm belief that with a little education and smart investment decisions, everyone can be financially free. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in fun and exciting ways to many in the UC community. He primarily does this through the popular facebook group he founded and manages called, "Financial Stuff". Paul shares about the power of compound interest and investing early in this fascinating talk from Driven 2018 in NYC.