Welcome to Driven 2018, a project of Cranes Club. Or what we like to call a great big excuse to get together, but for the things that really matter: Like making tons of money so we can do the things that we really want to do, making life all that it was meant to be, and doing whatever else we come up with along the way. 

Here is what you can do at this one-of-a-kind conference for professionals of Unificationist background:

  • Meet and Learn from millionaires who share a Unificationist upbringing

  • Hear success stories from entrepreneurs earning 6-figures or more

  • Network with others in your industry

  • Make fun memories with some really cool people

  • Midtown Manhattan location with easy access to NYC nightlife


Friday, June 1st to Sunday, June 3rd

The New Yorker A Wyndham Hotel
481 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10001



3pm - Open Registration
6pm - Dinner Buffet w/ Cash Bar

Stand-up comedy act by
Jin Park, Motivational Comedian
"3 Keys to Success and Happiness"


9:00am - Plenary Session 1: Side Hustles
10:15am - Coffee Break
10:30am - Breakout Sessions 1 & 2
12:30pm - Break for lunch out
2:00pm - Plenary Session 2: Main Hustles
3:15pm - Coffee Break
3:30pm - Breakout Session 3 & 4
5:30pm - Keynote
6:00pm - Close & Sightseeing


9:30 - Organizational Meeting & Project Proposals
12:00pm - Close & Sightseeing


jonathan jesper 2.jpg

Jonathan Jesper
e-commerce business owner
Amazon Seller coach

Jonathan Jesper is an entrepreneur currently doing 7 figures in sales and making 6 figures in profit selling on Amazon.com through his private label e-commerce business. His story starts off as average STF graduate who stumbled upon an opportunity and ran with it through thick and thin. He has been generous in making this same path possible for dozens of others through a coaching group he formed last year.

Kaori Becker.jpg

Kaori Becker
Owner of Kaori's Kitchen
Private Corporate Events

Kaori is the owner of a cooking school, Kaori’s Kitchen. She makes full-time pay doing part-time work teaching mochi, ramen, and other Japanese cuisine classes, doing corporate team building, private events, and even hosting classes in her own home.


RolEn Pihl
Owner of the 3d art company
Cryptocurrency Expert

Rolen is a serial entrepreneur/college drop out. He manages two businesses from his laptop and researches and trades crypto-currencies on the side. He grew his crypto portfolio 15x in his first 3 months and since than has delegated most of the tasks of his other businesses so he could focus full time on trading crypto and spending time with his wife and 9 month old daughter. He is not a professional financial adviser, but is happy to share his story.

Jin Hee Kim.png

Jin Hee Kim
Corporate Lawyer
Finance Law

Jin Hee is the definition of success in the corporate world. As a Counsel in Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP’s corporate practice group and, formerly, senior attorney at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, she has experience in all aspects of corporate law, from financing to mergers & acquisitions to general legal compliance. Currently, her practice focuses on giving advice to clients on complex US and international syndicated loan transactions, acquisition financings and asset-based lending transactions.  Despite her accomplishments, most of us know her as "Jin Kwon's older sister".



A UPS front-line supervisor with a net worth of over $300k, Paul is no peon. He's living proof of his firm belief that with a little education and smart investment decisions, everyone can be financially free. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in fun and exciting ways to many in the UC community. He primarily does this through the popular facebook group he founded and manages called, "Financial Stuff".


Akemi Michelle
Owner of Hapa Cupcakes
Storefront Retail

Akemi and her childhood friend are living the dream with a highly profitable full-service bakery located in Orange County, CA. To demonstrate their skill, they made it on to Cupcake Wars, a widely known reality TV show on Foodnetwork. Have a look at their website and see why customers are paying top dollar for the experience.

Will Stein.jpg

Will Stein

Owner of Hometown properties
Real Estate

By applying his masterful web design experience and life experiences within the UC movement, Will commands not only the top rated realtor in Bowie, MD, but is transforming the real estate industry in the DC area. More than monetary gains though, he prides himself for going from 120 hour weeks to 20 hour weeks to make time for family and supporting the community he so loves.

David Wolfenberger.png

David and Mitsue Wolfenberger
owner of D&M Live Crab

When Dave & Mitsue moved to a small fishing town in Washington state, all they had was $13,000, a pick up truck and a dream. 30 years later they've turned it into a multi-million dollar seafood business and give hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to fund causes they are passionate about. Dave and Mitsue have a story that inspires all of us Unificationists to think big and live up to our God-given potential. In case that wasn't enough, they also have a radiant marriage, 7 children, and are the founders of the Blessed Marriage Project and "High Noon" which seek to address the worldwide epidemic of internet pornography and guide young men and women to creating their own radiant blessings.

Breakout Sessions

There are 4 breakout time periods and 4 breakout sessions per time period for a total of 16 breakout sessions. The first time slot will be divided by industry to give you a chance to network with others in your industry right off the bat. The proceeding breakout sessions will be on based on 4 themes related to money and life: "Side hustles" and "Main hustles" (Money) and "Parenting" and "Living Freely" (Life). See below for possible topics.

Side Hustle Topics

  • Capitalizing on running your own private events

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Amazon private label side business

Main Hustle Topics

  • Retail business

  • Real estate business

  • Starting your own business


  • Raising children with love and logic

  • Preparing your children for healthy adulthood and marriage

  • Parenting hacks

Living Freely

  • Travel hacking

  • Work-life balance

  • Philanthropy


  • Full Program Registration

    • Access to the program on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    • Dinner buffet and cash bar on Friday night

    • Saturday coffee breaks (no meals provided)

  • Accommodations are NOT included, but we do have locked in rates for hotel rooms with 1-4 occupancy per room. Save over $100 per night. Contact us at info@cranesclub.org to check for availability and to get help with room sharing.

  • Need childcare? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you.


Program Registration - $230