Cranes Club presents the Side Hustle Webinar Series. Our purpose is to demystify the track to making more money and living a meaningful life that is filled with fun and freedom. We will be interviewing 2nd gen of Unificationist background who have proven their success in the world outside of working for the man...

We’re mostly interested in their life BEFORE the successes, during the infancy stages. We want to share in their moments of hope, despair, monotony, growing pains, etc. We also want hear about the practical side, delving into the exact steps they took to go from dreaming about it -- to seeing their first results. 

They are encouraged to share any industry secrets with us eager listeners.

Outcome of our Conversation: For them to share the best advice they have for living a life of fulfillment, success, purpose, and happiness. As a result, you will:

  1. Dream - Discover new ways you can make money and or live a more fulfilling life

  2. Demystify - Remove the misconceptions regarding entrepreneurship and get a grasp of the initial steps to get started

  3. Dare - Get inspired by the stories and invite us to give it a shot!